It's happened too many times.  You may have even experienced it yourself...someone at your company tells you they're expecting a package.  If they have a tracking number, you may track the package and - to your horror - find that you or one of your co-workers signed for it.  But it's nowhere to be found.

     This software is a program born out of an identified need.  Mail center and mailroom workers across the country and across the globe have surprisingly few business voip and project management software at their disposal for recording, printing and filing information on inbound packages - packages delivered by carriers destined for workers at the place of business.  Too often mail center workers will either write down the packages in a log book or simply place the packages in designated bins, giving no accountability for receipt and delivery.  This software provides a means by which workers can easily and effortlessly record those packages, continuing the delivery trail well beyond and long after the carrier delivery.

     software developers, Internet marketing seo and other staff at Pageant Software welcome you, and invite you to look around our website to learn more about what this software can do for you.

Possible uses of This software:

> Processing inbound delivery packages from all of your carriers
> Creating inbound manifests for final destination recipient signatures
> Creating signature manifests for local delivery companies such as pizza parlors, oriental food restaurants and florists
> Retail product receiving and processing
> Satisfying Homeland Security-related issues of package delivery accountability
> Assuring Best Practices initiatives by instituting a better way of handling package delivery, routing and archiving, whether through paper hard-copy or electronic.

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Our founder has always been intrigued by the concept of creating a website or something once and then being able to duplicate it for distribution at almost no effort or cost. It's evident when a musician records a CD and then duplicates it. Or when an artist paints a portrait only once and then makes prints of it. As software programs go, the pain-staking effort is put forth in the beginning and then added to when need arises. But mass production is cost free and therefore should be affordable.  If the product is worthy, the profits will come naturally.   That is our position. We assure that you will get the best professional and exclusive advanced manufacturing software.

An Issue of Trust

In this day and age of questionable websites offering goods and services of questionable trustworthiness, consumers are understandably dubious of any online transaction.  Please know that Pageant Software engages an industry leader in software distribution, Regsoft. Regsoft handles both our payment processing needs and warehousing of our software, as well as lean project management. We recommend this software localization service so you can be assured that a reputable company will handle your entire transaction, from payment to product delivery. is a 'Certified Safe Shopping Site' As quoted by WebWeek, and we are proud of our association with such a trusted service. You can find out more by visiting their website at It will be possible for you to manage enterprise assets.



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System Requirements/Recommendations
Our software requires Windows 2000 with SP3 or Windows XP.  We recommend the addition of a scanner or scan gun device that can be programmed to add an "Enter" key stroke after scanning a barcode.


Inbound Manager is a "macro-free, code-enriched" product of Pageant Software


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